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As a kid when my friends were drawing stick figures, I was drawing house plans. As a kid, I also measured our house hundreds of times with a 12 inch ruler because my dad would not let me use has retractable tape measure. I knew the dimensions of every room in our house. It is now obvious to me that I ended up in the correct profession even though I did not begin this path right out of college. First I worked as an accountant and then in building material sales. Finally in 2001 after years of building materials and owning rental property, I decided to get my real estate appraisal license. In time I then realized that there is no better person to represent a buyer or selling in the real estate market than a certified appraiser. After all, a homeowner can do everything a sales agent does except appraise their own home. The government and lenders will never allow homeowners to appraise their own home, otherwise we would all live in properties valued in the multi millions. Now, I am not saying an individual has all the tools to market their house as well as a professional real estate agent, but a homeowner can certainly list their house on a few national websites, negotiate to a price if they get and offer and find an attorney to close the deal. As a sales agent with Harry Norman, REALTORS┬«, I have tools above and beyond what is available to the general public to market a house. One big one is when I list a house it goes on a network of 500+ websites, instant international marketing. I know and pay for the best professional photographers and stagers in the business. I have a personal graphic artist marketing coordinator who will make us the best professional material available. Through analyzing thousands of contracts and working on the inside of the lending arena as an appraiser, I know the mistakes made by most agents in the contact that lead to future law suits that can cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you write a contract that is not enforceable and the house gets hit by a tornado a month after you sell it, after your insurance has been cancelled, the buyer can claim the contract invalid and put back a demolished house on you. Just because the house is sold does not mean the deal is over, the contract survives the sale date. Something as simple as not having a full legal description can cause the contract not to be enforceable. These are the type issues I know how to do to protect my clients from. He with the most knowledge wins the real estate battle time and time again. I am certainly not the only agent to knows how to do this though.

What makes me unique to the real estate sales profession is that I am also a certified appraiser who remains active in the lender appraisal business allowing me to gain inside lender information to help my selling clients get through the buyer's lender without being taken advantage of. All to often in the current lending environment we have lender appraisers who are extremely conservative often coming in with a value below the agreed contract purchase price. In a recent survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, 30% of the agents indicated they either been forced to negotiate to a lower sale price for their client of they lost the deal all together due to a low appraisal. Our own Georgia Real Estate Appraisal Board Chairman has addressed this growing problem multiple times over the past 18 months. Send me an email, I'll send you links to these newsletters. Now, what I am able to do is take the information I have learned from being a lender appraiser and use their own ammunition against them. My selling clients can rest without fear of the buyer's lender's appraiser because they are represented not only by a sales agent, but also by a certified appraiser who understands the inter workings of the lending system and how to effective challenge the lenders when they attempt to lower the agreed sale price and market value of the property my clients are selling. I like to say, don't fear the appraiser, hire the appraiser. Come to one of my free seminars, I discuss advanced techniques that can be used to protect sellers from the new lending system. 6,000 real estate transactions after I began this journey, I still do it one transaction at a time. I would be honored to represent you in your next real estate transaction, big or small, I have experience from $100,000 to $6,000,000+ and all price points in between.

Brent Mcspadden Real Estate Sales