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Thanks to my dual licenses, both sales and appraisal, I am able to help buyers in ways most other agents don't even attempt. When I work with a buyer, the buyer decides what type property they are looking for, what price range they want to stay in and the location they want to be in. Many times buyers have already selected a few properties to view prior to calling me for representation. That is the ease of the internet and searching properties online today. As an added benefit, I will set up auto alerts that will notify us immediately when a property that meets your desires hits the market rather than waiting a day for the national secondary websites like Zillow to catch up. When you receive an alert for a property you want to see, you can call or email me immediately to set an appointment for viewing!  Once we find the property you want to make an offer on, I let you know immediately if I see any signs that could impact your ability to obtain a mortgage loan on the property.  Once we decide on the property, I will call the agent to notify we plan to make an offer.  I will physically measure the property, do a full appraisal to derive the exact market value, and we will negotiate the offer based on that market value. My clients are accurately informed and do not overpay for properties! 

After closing when you are a proud homeowner, my representation does not end.   I represent you the entire time you own this property.  For example, fast forward five years, you are refinancing your home or obtaining an equity loan and you get a low appraisal.  I will provide you a full review of the appraisal, contact the bank or mortgage company to support you and ultimately remedy your situation.  My inter bank knowledge and contacts from being an appraiser for over a decade allows me to provide you with expert advice above and beyond a typical sales agent.  

I also provide full tax assessor guidance the entire time you own the property.   Occasionally, a tax assessor may over assess your property value resulting in a higher tax burden.  I will provide an appraisal and all the documentation you need to get the assessed value lowered and I do this for the entire time you own the property for no fee.  Most tax reduction professional companies charge 50% of the first year of tax savings for this service.  I provide this service to my buyers free of charge and it is part of my promise to my clients. I sign a contract for you stating I will provide these services to you the entire time you own the property.  

My last tip is for buyers considering purchasing a new construction property or building a new property. Be extremely careful.  Did you know, when you walk into a neighborhood sales office, the agents or sales people in this office work for the builder, not for you - the buyer?  These contracts are written heavily in favor of the builder, not the buyer. They rarely contain an appraisal contingency clause. I have seen potential buyers lose earnest money and upgrade deposits and end up not qualifying to purchase in the end because of the lender. It is highly recommended to get your own representation in these situations.  I remember one situation where a buyer was about to lose $55,000 and not get the house until he found me and I was able to resolve the problem. Buyer beware of this situation.