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Thanks to dual licenses, I am able to represent both buyers and sellers as well as appraisal clients with inside information of how the appraisal system and the sales cycle work together in real estate transactions.  There are very few real estate professionals in the Atlanta market that are sales agents as well as certified to complete an appraisal. This is mainly due to the additional six years of requirements to become a certified appraiser above and beyond what is required to become a sales agent. Being a certified appraiser has so many benefits to my selling clients. Approximately 90% of houses are purchased by buyers obtaining a mortgage. Most lenders require an independent appraisal to be performed when a mortgage is involved. If a sales agent is not educated in the appraisal process, they cannot fully represent you in selling your house. A sales agent can market a house, negotiate a price and assist with a contract but without an appraisal background they have no real  defense if an overly conservative appraiser is hired by the bank. With years of experience as an appraiser, I know how to effectively challenge these conservative appraisals and get the correct value.  Approaching low appraisals by questioning the appraiser's choice of comparables (asking them to change their opinion) will be a dead end as this allows the lender and appraiser to fully defend themselves with no consequences.  This is very unsuccessful, yet it is the only real method I see used by most sales agents. I go about it completely different, I use in-depth appraisal analysis to find compliance errors in the report, show the appraiser and lender where they have immediate liability issues and they are much more willing to make the suggested changes to the appraisal report. It is simple, but very effective. He who has the most leverage and knowledge wins the battle. My in-depth experience and inside knowledge of the appraisal process allows me to win this battle time and time again.


As a sales agent with Harry Norman I have access to the best tools in the market to sell your house. I have a personal marketing coordinator who will make the most professional ground level flyers, post cards, emails and information sheets so a buyer will leave your house with information in hand. I have a personal listing  assistant who is going to list your house on over 500 real estate websites for international exposure and verify your house comes up in searches. I can advertise your house on local television on an upcoming episode of Atlanta and Company where I have a monthly live show. I will advertise luxury homes through Christie's and Luxury Portfolio at no cost to my client. I will advise you of things we can change to sell your house for more and sell it quicker. If necessary, I will have a professional stager  give an evaluation. I will have a professional photographer shoot photos and create a virtual tour for the web at my expense. I will set up a caravan and open house on properties it benefits. I will personally measure your house to verify square footage and appraise to derive an exact market value, free appraisal.  This is going to allow us to price your house accurately for the highest sale price possible in any given market. I also use market value to my clients advantage when negotiation an offer. I will use inside lender knowledge to help make a selling decision including letting my clients know when we have an offer from a buyer using a lender that often causes unwanted problems. I will effectively challenge any lender who steps in the way of selling your house for the agreed purchase price. I will answer the phone when I'm called and I keep my clients informed of every step of the process. I personally sign a contract with my client that I will do all of these things. My clients come first and I communicate with my clients through the entire process, this makes for an extremely credible and smooth process.